Living Martial Arts Qualities in Everyday Life

Living Martial Arts Qualities in Everyday Life

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Today I would like to talk about something that I have uncovered for myself. It’s about how the martial arts I’ve been doing has been helping me to develop a lot of positive characteristics. These martial arts qualities have been turned into words that I can live by now. The words that specifically stand out from my training are discipline, courage, and respect.

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Qualities as Words to Live By

Here are three words I discovered and am using in my martial arts training:

Courage: Like you’ve been courageous to try out new things. Also, to not allow your fear to stop you from proceeding or dabbling your feet into new things. 

Respect: As in when you’re in a classroom with different martial arts students, and peers, you respect each other. You consider each other’s body and skills, and you leave your ego at the door before you enter a training session.

Discipline: Where you are really disciplined to take a point, take an exercise, a training session, class from beginning to end. Not accepting or allowing things like excuses and thoughts. These thoughts can be like “I’m but so tired,” “I can’t do this,” to influence you. Instead you live that discipline of “I am doing this,” “I decide I’m doing this and I’m pulling it through and I’m pulling myself and my body through this.” 

How to Live Martial Arts Qualities in Everyday Life

I was looking at if we only access and live those positive characteristics like discipline, courage, and respect in the environment of our martial arts class, or in training, it is essentially very limiting.

Instead we should ask ourselves how can we map those characteristics, those words and skills that we develop into everyday life situations?

Where we show and live respect, to everybody, regardless of where we are.

Where we are courageous in all other areas of our life. Not just within martial arts, but for example, in our job, in our relationships, and in trying out new things.

Where we are disciplined in all areas of our life, like with our projects – not allowing ourselves to slack off, not allowing ourselves to become lazy or stay lazy. But to have that discipline to get ourselves out of it and into gear again.

So these are my suggestions about trying to map the words, characteristics, and skills we develop. Plus, how we can use these characteristics through our martial arts journey and training into our everyday life. Especially within different contexts. 

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