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Self-Movement in Martial Arts is Independent of Mood

📺 Watch ”Self-Movement in Martial Arts is Independent of Moods.” Basically, we all know a mood can make or break our day. When we are in good moods we are motivated, and we are full of energy. We are naturally motivated and driven to train and end up training or something else.  In bad moods…

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The Martial Arts Personality, Part 1

(Find the podcast episode of this blog post here.) Recently I have observed how I have come to define myself mainly based on the practice of martial arts, and being a martial artist. Martial Arts became my world. I made it the centerpiece of my world. All my thoughts, imaginations and daydreams would be about…

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Martial Arts Is A Process To Self And Not The Ultimate Goal

To me Martial Arts is not about fighting. It is not sparring and winning. Also, it’s not fighting and winning. Nor is not building strength, power, agility, incredible speed. It is not about becoming the next Bruce Lee. Or outdoing Bruce Lee. Martial arts is a process. Martial arts is about self and self creation….

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