Self-Movement in Martial Arts is Independent of Mood

Self-Movement in Martial Arts is Independent of Mood

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Basically, we all know a mood can make or break our day. When we are in good moods we are motivated, and we are full of energy. We are naturally motivated and driven to train and end up training or something else. 

self-movement in martial arts

In bad moods – often they leave us being lazy, postponing things, or not feeling like it. We usually end up doing the things we were doing like our training half-heartedly or we skip it.

But self-movement in itself is independent of moods. And you can test it for yourself.

Self-Movement in Martial Arts Starts with You

When if it is time to train, let go of the good mood that you’re in unconditionally. Let go of the positive energy of motivation, of drive, or force. Instead of that energy, and that good mood being your starting point to train – change, or transform that starting-point to train into “I am deciding to train and I’m moving myself to execute on this decision to train.”

When I do it this way, I move myself. I get up, and I get the training gear together. I walk, or I drive to my class or whatever it is I train. 

I suggest you to do the same thing when you’re in a bad mood. Instead of your starting-point of training or not training being from a bad mood, this ‘not feeling like it’ – you instead transform that into “Okay, I am deciding to train. And thus I am executing on this decision.”

If you do that, you’re immediately taking that decision and make into physical action. We go and we train.

It is Not Easy to Move in a Bad Mood

So in two instances already show that self-movement is independent of the mood that we are in. And I know it is not easy to do something when we are especially in a bad mood. 

But the more we practice this self-movement – meaning our movement, our actions, we slowly over and over practice that to be coming from a starting-point and a motivation that is self, that is decision and then the immediate execution of the decision we make – the easier it will get when we are in good or bad moods for them to not matter, so to speak.

Then our moods won’t dictate us anymore.

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